WZOP/WZPP Radio Community Meet & Greet: Primary Elections

September 9, 2022 | Community News

The WZOP/WZPP Radio continues to serve our community by bringing together some of the political candidates of this year’s primary elections.
We continue to emphasize the importance of voting as it is a right of every US citizen.
During the period of August 8th to the 23rd, our listeners got the opportunity to meet the different political candidates of Broward County. They each used this opportunity to share their mandate, voting information; petitions and amendments, lists of precincts, polling places and sample ballot information, and voting methods among others.
The official meet and greet took place on August 20, 2022, in the Kingston Building parking lot. Unconditional Hearts Foundation partnered with us on this occasion by giving back to the community with a Back to School Treat; book bag giveaways, school medicals, HIV/COVID, and STD Home Testing Kits.

WZOP/WZPP Radio thanks all our sponsors for their support.