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We are the only non-commercial 24-hour FM radio station. Located in South Florida, the Voice of the Caribbean (VOTC or VOC) amplifies the culture, passions, and artistic voices of many generations. We believe in making an impact by bringing truth, joy, and love through our shows and by our service in our communities beyond our local borders. Whether we are dancing at the latest carnival, or helping our Caribbean-American community with news and insights from our perspective, we are your source for everything in the Caribbean!

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We are licensed by the FCC as a “non-commercial FM radio station”.
What does that mean? 
We rely on businesses and listeners like you to keep this radio running!

Our sponsorship packages are strictly enforced, and all PSAs are produced by WZPP staff or volunteers.

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WZOP/WZPP Radio Community Meet & Greet: Primary Elections

The WZOP/WZPP Radio continues to serve our community by bringing together some of the political candidates of this year’s primary […]

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Doing Good in our Community: WZOP/WZPP Radio’s 7th anniversary celebrations undertook special project to support LifeNet4Families

As part of WZOP/WZPP Radio’s 7th anniversary celebrations we undertook special project to support our community. WE asked our listeners […]

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